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John Nash Drive
Dawlish, Devon EX7 9RZ
Telephone: 01626 862939
Fax: 01626 888101
E-mail:  info@dawlish-ratcliffe.devon.sch.uk




Ratcliffe School Governing Body


"Oaklands Park School and Ratcliffe School are amalgamating and becoming one school. The new Governing Board is in the process of being finalised the photos will be updated as soon as this information is confirmed."


-James Watson


The Governing body is a committed and dedicated team of hard working, hands on professionals from all parts of our local and wider community. We are a varied group including local business people, parents, educationalists and other professionals such as the local police. It is our responsibility, in cooperation with the school Principal, to provide the support and structure that enables students to have the highest standards in both their education and care.


We have a very clear vision statement that is reviewed regularly as we change and grow. Our visions and aims act as a guide for planning and policy.


The Governing body is responsible for ensuring policy and practice and both effective and efficient. As a group the Principal keeps us informed about finance, staffing and pupils. This ensures that we are kept up to date and that we are aware of any new issues that are going to come our way. All issues are discussed and decisions made accordingly for the good of the school.


It is our responsibility to ensure that the school is well run and organised to meet the needs of the individual students in our care.


We are a strong and committed team, offering our collective experience and expertise through guidance and support to enable growth at Ratcliffe. We meet termly as a group and have separate committee meetings for Curriculum, Personnel and Finance.


Our unifying thread is our passion for Ratcliffe. We are excited by the innovative experience and high quality education and care that Ratcliffe provides for the children in our community and the wider community of Dawlish.


Our history is one of continual growth and strengthening our provision to ensure the children receive the best we are able to offer. As our roots have grown deeper and broader, new branches have sprouted and new growth continues to emerge. As a Governing body we are here to nurture this growth and ensure the continuity of the high level of provision made by the school.

Vicky Eul-Barker - Chair   Mark Rose - Executive Principal
Richard Ensor - Staff   Helen Stone - Staff
Mary May - Co-opted   Stephanie Smith - Co-opted
  Terry Lowther - Foundation
Matt Williams - Co-opted/Staff   Pat Henchie - Co-opted
Helen Stone - Staff   Reg Lake - Co-opted
Sarah Mascall - Co-opted  


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