About Ratcliffe


John Nash Drive
Dawlish, Devon EX7 9RZ
Telephone: 01626 862939
Fax: 01626 888101
E-mail:  info@dawlish-ratcliffe.devon.sch.uk







Ratcliffe is a school for pupils with 'Communication and Interaction Difficulties (Autistic Spectrum Conditions) and Social Development Needs'.  All pupils who are placed at Ratcliffe have a statement of SEN or an EHCP identifying their complex needs.School staff are unable to offer a place at Ratcliffe to your child. 

All placements at Ratcliffe are commissioned by the SEND 0-25 team and can only be offered by them. The Local Authority - Devon County Council, SEND 0-25 team consult with us to determine whether or not we are able to meet a pupil’s needs.  Ultimately, it is the Local Authority's decision whether a pupil is placed at Ratcliffe. If you would like more information regarding admission, please contact us or the SEN 0-25 Team on Exeter (01392) 383000 specialeducation0-25-mailbox@devon.gov.uk.



Mission Statement

Through our high quality approach to personalised education and care plans, we aim to encourage our pupils to learn and prepare themselves for every opportunity, expectation and experience that may occur in their lives. We will encourage each child to work hard and achieve of their best, helping them to become independent, responsible young people in their community.


Eclectic approach - allowing for the use of accepted good practice in the development of individual care,
behaviour management and educational programmes. The recognition of the child as part of his family
means there is close co-operation between school and home. The need to raise children’s self esteem is
seen as a priority.

Aims of the School

The school aims to provide a structured environment that;

• Enables pupils to improve their behaviour to a socially accepted level.

• Offers effective and appropriate support for pupils’ emotional difficulties.

• Provides a balanced and broadly based twenty four hour curriculum that promotes the spiritual, moral, cultural, mental and physical development of pupils and prepares them for the opportunities, responsibilities and experiences of adult life.

• Gives access to the National Curriculum and, for those pupils with specific learning difficulties, effective remediation programmes.

• Respects all pupils and encourages them to become active participants in their own learning, develop confidence and self esteem and express their needs and desires.

• Seeks effective links with pupils' families and other professional agencies.

• Provides opportunities, for those pupils for whom it is appropriate, to return to mainstream education
either full or part-time.


• All staff work closely together. Senior management team comprises both education and care staff.

• Separate boys and girls residential/day units. Facilities for independent living.

• Small teaching groups - 24 hr. curriculum and extended curricula through links with local schools and
colleges & N.V.Q. placements.

• Close co-operation with families. Use of home books if appropriate.

• Pupils supported by Link workers and home base tutors.

• Structured programme of leisure activities out of school hours.

• Leavers' programme, that includes independence and social skills training.

• Encouraged participation in outdoor education.

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