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Tavy House


Like otter, Tavy House can accommodate up to seven boys residentially and also has day pupils who stay up until 6 o clock.

The day pupils will have joined in after school activities and had tea before going home. Tavy has undergone a complete refurbishment with all bedrooms, bathrooms and downstairs rooms being upgraded. Tavy has two games rooms with toys, Lego and a variety of board games whilst there is a computer room with a computer, playstations and an Xbox. There is a quiet/chill out room for the boys to enjoy with a music system, television and DVD player.

Tavy has a large lounge/communal area with a Wii, television and DVD whilst the dining room is where the boys have their breakfast and tea. All the boys in Tavy have an opportunity to participate in the full range of after school activities that are offered.









In Tavy house it is our continuing aim to provide a caring, positive environment, where children’s independence, life and social skills can flourish. Through a holistic approach, we will endeavour to nurture the children to become independent, informed, caring and responsible individuals. Through positive role modelling and positive behaviour reinforcement we will help individual children build on their successes and realise their potential.

Through daily house meetings and one to one interactions we will support the boys in developing their social and emotional interactions, and whilst encouraging them to participate vocally, we will also encourage them to further develop their listening skills. Staff are always available to support the boys with issues that may have occurred both in and out of the school environment. This underpins the positive relationships formed with staff and other adults and encourages the boys to form positive and reliable relationships with their peers. Each boy has a named link worker who is responsible for a range of duties and enables the boys to have a first point of contact if they wish. All members of the care staff in the house unit are committed to, supporting and helping all the boys in any situation that they require it.

Each boy is treated as an individual within the house, and an atmosphere of mutual respect is encouraged and promoted within the house. Individual targets set for life and social skills, for each boy. They will also participate in AQA awards tailored to their individual needs; these will be set from continuous assessment and strategies will be developed to assist individuals meet their targets. Each boy will be encouraged to develop their independent skills in a variety of life and social skills, thus equipping them with the skills they may require for their independent life when they have left school.






For residential children – arrive on Monday and take week bag to bedroom and unpack. Monday morning meeting prior to school and highlight last week’s positives for all pupils. Up and on time for breakfast. Shower or bath every day Acceptable table manners at all meal times 9.10 meet in lounge ready for school, wearing correct uniform and if required P.E / Outdoor Education equipment, for house register. All mobile phone’s, MP3 players, hand held game consoles ect, are not allowed in school – to be handed to staff and locked away for safe keeping until after school. Meeting after school to plan evening activities / resolve issues from the school day. 5.30 Tea in house dinning room. If undertaking particular AQA some pupils will prepare and cook there own tea. Bedtime depends on age and behaviour levels. Uniform or leisure clothes that require washing to be placed in laundry basket for washing and drying. Respect the privacy of others at all times and ask permission before entering other pupils rooms from staff and pupil.

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