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Otter House


Otter House accommodates up to seven boys residentially and a further seven who are day pupils and stay up until 6 o clock. The boys will have joined in after school activities and had tea prior to going home.

Otter has been recently refurbished and offers a range of facilities to cater for varying age groups. There is a playroom with playhouse and various toys including models, cars and Lego whilst next door is another games room with playstations and a Wii.

There is a further playroom with a desk for arts and crafts and an electric organ. At the front of Otter is a big lounge where the boys have snack, watch television and DVD’s whilst the dining room where boys have their breakfast, dinner and tea is at the rear. All the boys in Otter have an opportunity to participate in the full range of after school activities that are offered.















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