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Exe House


Exe House accommodates all of our girls with up to six girls residing in Exe with further places for day pupils. Exe House caters for girls of varying ages and therefore offers facilities and activities for both younger and older girls.

There is an emphasis on Independent living in Exe with staff supporting, encouraging and guiding the girls who take part in shopping for groceries and preparing meals for the group. Exe has a communal kitchen/dining area where the girls have their breakfast and evening meals.

There is lounge area with a music centre, television and DVD player and a separate area where the girls have playstations, Xbox, Singstar and Wii and an area that the girls can use for makeovers and chill out time. All the girls in Exe have the opportunity to participate in the full range of after school activities that are offered.



Within Exe house we endeavour to provide a nurturing environment where our care, acceptance and role modelling will have a positive influence on the girls. Our holistic approach encompassing the individual’s personal development and achievements is vital to our success as a unit.

Personal counselling and daily group meetings enable the girls to develop their social skills and interactions, whilst at the same time sharing, discussing and resolving school issues that may have occurred during the day.


This forum creates the opportunity for the girls to develop listening, communication skills, sharing and empathy within the group setting helping them to develop more positive relationships with their peers and adults. Each girl has a link worker, although as a small house unit all the care staff are committed to, and available for support to help the girls in a variety of situations.

Through building supportive and trusting relationships with all the girls we promote mutual respect amongst each other and support the girls in building strong, trusting, positive relationships which are transferable to adulthood. Each girl is treated as an individual and strategies are developed to help the individual learn practical and social skills, equipping them for independence.

General house routines

Up and on time for breakfast
Shower / bath every day
Acceptable table manners
Meet in lounge at 9:10am ready for school, wearing uniform and with P.E. / Outdoor Education equipment if needed
Mobile phones, MP3 players, jewellery etc., are not allowed in school – to be handed to staff for safe keeping. There is a locked tin in staff room.
Monday meeting after school to choose and plan menu and shopping.
Meeting after school to plan evening activities / resolve any issues from school.
Bedtime depends on age and traffic light level
We have laundry facilities where uniform and clothes can be washed and dried overnight.
Treat each other with kindness and consideration, share communal living space and equipment.
Respect each others privacy; ask permission before entering each others rooms.
The extended day girls arrive at approximately 9am and share house facilities until school time. After school, joining residential girls until taxi home.

The evenings usually run as follows :-
After school meeting
Change uniform, put clothes in laundry basket
Early evening activity/ prepare meal
Evening meal
Late evening activity/ free time
T.V / computers / games etc.




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