John Nash Drive
Dawlish, EX7 9RZ
Telephone: 01626 862939
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Dart House


Dart House accommodates our older boys with up to ten residential places as well as those attending school on a daily basis. Due to boys ages there is an emphasis in Dart on supporting, encouraging and guiding the boys towards independent living.

Dart has an independence programme which encourages all boys to participate in shopping for groceries and preparing meals for the group. The older boys in the house are also encouraged to plan some of their own activities which will include independent trips to swimming pools, cinema’s and sports venues using public transport and a variety of other services, the aim of which is to demonstrate that the boys are acquiring skills that will prepare them for independent living.

Dart offers a large living area for the boys including a lounge with television, DVD player and Wii. There is a dining area that also incorporates a pool table, a computer room with computers and games consoles as well as a quite/chill out area. Dart also has a multi gym, running machine and cross trainer.







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