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Activities After School



At Ratcliffe there is a wide variety of after school activities available to both day and residential pupils. Activity time takes place Tuesday ā€“ Thursday evenings between 16:30 ā€“ 17:30 and 18:30 ā€“ 20:00.

There are usually up to six different activities on offer for you to take part in and we offer the chance to participate in both school based activities and activities out in the community.

The activities offered depend on the time of year and during the summer months we are often enjoying activities on the beach, swimming, fishing and crabbing. The winter months are also full of exciting things such as rugby, craft and model making, cinema nights and much more.

We like to provide activities that the pupils here are interested in and are always looking for new and exciting ideas. We currently have a group taking part in Tae Kwon Do and are doing extremely well at their grading to achieve their next belt.

So if you are interested in the sporty kind of activities or like to take part in the allotment or computer activity, Iā€™m sure there will be something on offer to keep you entertained. Below is a list of some of the activities that are on offer here at Ratcliffe:


Swimming, Fishing, Football, Model Club, Allotment, Cinema, Youth Club, Cricket, Rounders, Tae Kwon Do, Drama, Cookery Club, Army Cadets, Computer Club, Judo, Hide and Seek, Discos, Golf, Walking







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