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John Nash Drive
Dawlish, Devon EX7 9RZ
Telephone: 01626 862939
Fax: 01626 888101
E-mail:  info@dawlish-ratcliffe.devon.sch.uk




Welcome to

Ratcliffe School





Mark Rose
Executive Principal




I am delighted to welcome you to our school community. Ratcliffe is a small school that caters for 80 students aged 5-16. We provide education and care for pupils with high functioning Autism and associated needs such as ADHD and challenging behaviour.

Our school is situated in a beautiful woodland area in the seaside town of Dawlish. We are fortunate to have beautiful surroundings which include playing fields, sports areas and, of course, our woodlands. We are able to structure the curriculum around students identified needs in order to enable them to develop practical life skills, confidence in their learning and a sense of achievement and self worth.

We provide a multitude of activities and trips outside the classroom to compliment the education the children receive. There are many fun trips, residential holidays and sporting events. Of course, behaviour has an impact on what can be offered.

Our aim is to encourage every pupil to learn and do well in the classroom. We will help prepare them for all the opportunities, experience and expectations that may occur in their lives and to encourage them to become independent, responsible young people.


Mark Rose

Executive Principal



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