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John Nash Drive
Dawlish, Devon EX7 9RZ
Telephone: 01626 862939
Fax: 01626 888101




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Thank you for your interest in Ratcliffe School.




Ratcliffe School

John Nash Drive

Dawlish, Devon  EX7 9RZ

Phone: 01626 862939

Fax:  01626 888101


Please feel free to contact us by phone or email


Trudy Wareham or Teresa Dudman


Email :


Name of Governing body: Devon County Council


Executive Principal: Mark Rose


Vice Principal - Head of School


Vice Principal - Head of Care



Age range of pupils: 8 – 17

Telephone Night Service: (Extensions)


Culm 232
Otter 235


Information and other questions about our school: 

Please ask Trudy Wareham or Teresa Dudman by phone or EMail







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